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Insurance Broker: One Call Insurance

This is our One Call Insurance Insurance Broker page. We have listed the full address of One Call Insurance as well as phone numbers and websites. One Call Insurance is in Doncaster, One Call Insurance offers car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and cheap insurance quotes online in Doncaster and also any type of cheap insurance in Doncaster.

Broker Rank
One Call Insurance
First Point
Balby Carr Bank
Doncaster, DN4 5JQ
Phone: 01302 554012

Latest Reviews

* Shakil Mohammed

Rubbish company to deal with - I will never use them again. I originally took household insurance with them on a property that we were buying which we were due to move in on 1st September 2014 - on the 14th August they cancelled the policy with no explanation what so ever in the letter. I called the customer service line who explained that we had poor credit- to which I replied how could we when we are just buying a new home and we have a mortgage. He then looked into it and reinstated the insurance policy. I then took out an insurance policy through compare the market for my vehicle from the 1/9/2014 which was £376.41 – we received a letter on the 26th September stating our insurance was cancelled – again no reasons to why. I called the customer line and they told me it was due to the fact that I have a pending claim from my previous insurer which is still open – I was then sold another insurance policy from them and had to pay an additional amount of £313 on top of the £346,41 that I had already paid. Then I get a letter stating that you cannot get verification of the no claims bonus from my previous insurance despite me supplying them all the information – I rang my previous insurance company and they said as long as you call the number on the NCB certificate the insurance company should verify it straight away. I now got a letter from them dated 25th November asking me why there was a lapse in my car insurance from 1/9/2014 to 6/10/2014 – they know too well this was because they cancelled my insurance policy in that period. I have also had another letter dating the 25th November to say my premium is to increase again by another £194.76 for which their customer line says it is because of the pending claim – but I have already paid an additional £313.00 premium for this. Unbelievable company to deal - I have never in my life paid this sort of premium for car insurance and I have 5 years no claims bonus and I am 40 years old....

Nov 28, 2014
* Kate B

Insured through a comparison website One Call Insurance offered one of the best rates however it has ended up costing me a lot more. Need numerous documents including paper and card for each driver which when I spoke to other insurance companies they stated this is not necessary. In the end I cancelled the policy with them at the beginning of January still awaiting a refund 4 weeks later, I've just spoken to them and they have stated it will be a further 7-10 working days to process the refund as their refund dept. has not started the process. The person I spoke to refused to give his surname so if I call to discuss further I will struggle to find the correct original person. Luckily I paid on my Visa card who are now chasing the refund on my behalf. Overall terrible service I would recommend you pay a bit more to gain better service....

Jan 31, 2014
* david simms

just got a letter 2 day and was trying to get through for over 1.30 mins and they treated me by ?after ? had to get in touch with the dvla to get this letter to send talk about a police state asking for paper driving licence's and the photo one as well don't pick these ...

Jan 18, 2014
* Terry

Terrible company I have been trying to spaek to someone for two weeks and emailed numerous times heaven help us if it was to make a claim avoid at all costs...

Jan 7, 2014
* Mrs Roberts

I have cancelled my new policy for the following reaswon. It included breakdown cover and I chose to just have basic free cover. I spoke to an adviser on the phone before taking out the policy and all seemed up front and ok. It was explained to me that I could have upgraded and I understood that I had to pay a call out charge based on the age of my car and I could have 2 calls per year, that was accceptable. At no time was I told that there was a 10 mile limit on tranporting my car. I called the company to discuss the breakdown cover details as I could not find any reference as to where to call should I have the need to use the service. When I was talking to one of your advisers I was extremely shocked to be told of the 10 mile limit and after that there would be a £3 per mile charge for recovering my car to my choice of location for repairs etc.. I looked at the documents I received by email and also at the breakdown cover details and it is not anywhere that I can see. I am disgusted that I have to pay over £40 to cancel this. This was taken out on Friday 3 January 2014. and cancelled today 7 January 2014 ...

Jan 7, 2014
* amanda

so you decide to add £55 on to my policy due to an accident I was involved in. this accident was caused by a lorry hitting my car when my car was parked legally on the street.i wasn't even in my car when this happened. how dare you try to get more money out me after the agreed price on my insurance. ...

Dec 6, 2013
* David Medlicott

Absolutely terrible service. got a quote online and phoned up to pay for it, was then told that i couldn\'t take this quote out as I was near an RAF camp, my response was that this was discrimination and that they shouldn\'t of offered me that quote. I then rang back as they said they would contact me but I received no calls back and they said they could offer the quote but it would cost an extra £200 pound for the year They were not interested. DO NOT USE!!...

May 28, 2013
* m emsley

i must admit i have always had good service from this company,and can not fault them....

Dec 5, 2012
* sannah naseem

they are only good for taking your money and nothin else they are a laughing stock ov a so called company run by dickheads i hope the company goes bust and they all end up in the job centre cleaning dog shit for the rest of their lives...

Apr 19, 2012
* sannah naseem

any one with half a brain would not go anywhere near this company...

Apr 19, 2012
* kbrookfield

Cancelled my insurance with this company 24/1. Paid required cancellation fee with credit card. Just checked back account, cancellation fee taken from it 8/2. Checked with them, already paid via credit card, now overdrawn, not happy. And try to get through to the call centre? Don\'t get me started on that one!!!...

Feb 13, 2012
* Helen Harrison

I was insured by One Call last year but decided thet I couldnt deal all the hassle,also the people you deal with are not fully conversant with your needs are only concerned with sales, Since changing to another company they have sent me approx a dozen letters about the same ting from different people with no record of what has already been sent,After I cancelled the policy they have sent me what you would consider to be a threatening letter stating that I am at risk to have my car siezed and crushed after the termination of my insurance with them as part of the CIE initiative they know that I am insured with another comp as they asked to supply the said company with proof of my no claims bonus, It also states that I am at risk of a £100 fine, Have my car seized and crushed Face a court prosecution with a max fine of £1000 and signed by Mia Ward. There is a tearv off strip to return declaring that my car is either SORN/Scrapped or Sold I find this most distressing and at 65 yrs old I dont need this sort of bother,I must admit that they are always on top of the list for qoutations but they have a lot of hidden charges not disclosed when you accept their qoute...

Jan 10, 2012
* Julie Austin

Do not use this Company. You cannot get through to anyone on the phone. Was on hold over 3 hours. Decided to cancel within the cooling off period (14 days) they have charged me £49 for the priviledge. I don\'t know when I will get my money back but will have to purchase some more. AVOID AT ALL COST...

Dec 14, 2011
* Paul

Took a policy out with One Call in September and then shortly after they told me that my no claims letter was invalid meaning that my policy would be cancelled unless I contacted them asap. So as a result of this I tried to contact them by phone and email for days and days and I was always told that someone would call me back, however this wasn\'t the case. On one occasion I even told the girl that I wouldn\'t get off the line until someone answered my question but there was never anyone there qualified to deal with my query???? Anyway from what I have experienced, I believe that they just offer cheap insurance to get you on their books and then mess you around so much in order for you to cancel where they then charge for this and then delay giving you your money back. I cancelled mine at the end of September and still haven\'t had a refund. They are a complete joke and a rip off and all of their staff were very incompetent. My no claims letter was good enough for the RAC, so I just don’t get it?? Please read the reviews and stay away. I don\'t normally do these reviews, but I do not want people to be ripped off by this terrible company....

Nov 17, 2011
* j ward

September 2011. Took out isurance with one call gig misstake they renaged on free breakdown assisstance tried to charge me £75 before they would turn out. Renewed my policy without my knowledge or consent now owe me £500 still chasing it as they are uncooperative and obstructive. Give them a miss...

Sep 17, 2011
* sharon bleasdale

I talked to a member of staff called elliot who told me my insurance cover would be the same as before, this was a lie as i discovered i had been sold basic cover which was not what i wanted. i called One Call Insurance to complain they stated that they listened to a recording of the call and i was wrong, knowing this to be another lie, i requested a copy of the phone call recording for which i was charged £10, i have yet to receive this recording or an answer as to why i was mis sold insurance...

Aug 23, 2011
* c gulliford

I paid my initial deposit online to set up my policy of £36.20 this was a sunday on monday (day after) I phoned to ask if everything was ok with my new policy ? unfortunately they wouldnt accept my 10 yrs NO claims taxi bonus on a private car policy on same vehicle so the policy was terminated and they are refusing to pay me back my £36.20 This stinks im taking it further daylight robbery....

Aug 9, 2011
* Ann Conway

My insurance is suppossed to go on until Aug 17th,however One Call say they are cancelling it next Wed due to not stating claims within the last five years,my last claim was through L/V on 24th March 2005,six years ago.Have sent last years renewal notice more than once which states 9yrs protected no claims and got L/V to send them an E Mail,they will not accept anything.I do not reccomend them.Also unpleasant to deal with. ...

Jul 11, 2011
* Paula

Took out insurance in March-still no documents! Lo and behold, car stolen and now being told not entitled to a courtesy car as not covered for theft or fire!!!!!!! Why bother being fully comp...:( :( :(...

May 30, 2011
* sharon singh

i am waiting for my no claims bonus and consequently have been charged from new insurer...

May 21, 2011
* M. Uggins

One Call Insurance: This company are a bunch of shysters. Given the run around requesting written proof of NCB. Sent them the info, but they still deducted the extra premium from my debit card without my authority. Bank says they are allowed to do this and the bank cannot stop them taking extra money any time they want....

May 3, 2011
* martin hair

After E-mails,trips to main office,calls to a person who will not return my calls. I still cannot get my money refunded for a cancelled policy,over a week before it was due to become valid.Like others my money was rapidly taken from my account, but no returns....

Mar 11, 2011
* Ken Goulding

They sent me my policy the same day to my email. Great price and service, never had a problem at all!...

Dec 2, 2010
* Gary Cross

This company is not to be trusted they have misleading information on their web site regarding home insurance you need to read the policy documents to ensure you get what they said they quoted for. When the documents did come the policy was not what was advertised an I asked for a refund of my money within 24 hours. I was told firstly that they did not refund then they said they make a charge of £49 for admin and it would take up to 7 weeks, I have now been told the payment is in the post and could take ten days This Company appears to be scamming stay away from them. ...

Nov 12, 2010
* Natalie Faulkner

I\'ve been with One Call for 2 years and have never found any problems with the service. They sent my documents by email on the same day and the staff knew what they were talking about and were really helpful. They were really cheap too and gave me breakdown and legal membership for free, which is why i went with them in the first place. Will definitely stay with them in the future and i\'ve told all my friends and family about them. Recommend highly!...

Nov 2, 2010
* Charles Riddell

What a nightmare they are was charged 2 times on my debit card for car insurance, has taken over 2 weeks to recive a refund.Have now cancelled my insurance with them i dont trust them with my insurance....

Aug 19, 2010
* adam garbutt

i had insurance with them for 2 years i was late with 1 of my payments and they closed my policy down and also sent me a letter sayin that they wont release my no claims bonus unless i pay off the rest of the policy even tho they cancelled it and i cant get a cheap quote anywhere now and i have 4 years no claims bonus but cant get them....

Jun 28, 2010
* Katherine Mays

Near impossible to get a bonafide quote from this company. It is 10.6.10 and I want to get my insurance as my road tax is due on 1.7.10 the day my new insurance should start and everyone knows that you need a valid insurance certificate to get your road tax. One call could not even quote as 1.7.10 is too far in advance. They offer so much but give so little....

Jun 10, 2010
* Glenn Turner

I cannot stress enough, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! I have never, ever had to deal with such incompetence from a supposed professional body. Cannot do the simplest of tasks and this is meant to be their \"1st class service\" Never again!...

Apr 15, 2010
* Sergiy

I was with this company for 2 years,but found much better offer.So after finished my 12 month policy I didn\'t ask them about new one.But they self had chosen for me,according to them: \"the best deal this year\",had sent to me paper and didn\'t wait paper with signiture or call withdrawed from my bank account money.The best deal this year cost me only £69 pcm !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done guys!!!! You have a furthure !!!! Couple times I called and sent papers to them about return money.But one month already gone and where is money?...

Mar 16, 2010
* R Georgallis

One call is the worse customer service in the world. I joined in June 09 my self and my partner. In November the insurance change from £135 to over £400 because they said they hadnt got our 5 year no claims. we sent it again they still now Feb havent sorted this out and dont reply to emails or ever answer the phone. you can wait up to 15 minutes for an answer. its a joke....

Feb 12, 2010
* Carol Warr

I signed up and paid for car insurance on 25th August but chose to cancel on 27th August. Many e-mails and telephone calls later and I\'m still waiting for my money to be refunded! They took it instantly over the \'phone but say they cannot refund by any means other than cheque - funny that!! Will use well-known companies in future!...

Oct 3, 2009
* gary bolt

i agree with colins comment i to waited weeks for my policy to arrive and could not drive my car trying to phone them is nigh on impossible and am having to resort to writing to them...

Jul 9, 2009
* colin johnstone

I signed up with one call on the 3rd may of today 31st may 2009 I\'m still awaiting my insurance documents. I have phoned on numerous occasions asking for the documents to be send, even by recorded delivery...nothing has arrived....I\'ve emailed, all emails have been ignored. Buy elsewhere!!...

May 31, 2009

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