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Insurance Broker: Express Insurance Group

This is our Express Insurance Group Insurance Broker page. We have listed the full address of Express Insurance Group as well as phone numbers and websites. Express Insurance Group is in Birmingham, Express Insurance Group offers car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and cheap insurance quotes online in Birmingham and also any type of cheap insurance in Birmingham.

Broker Rank
Express Insurance Group
22 Old Walsall Road
Birmingham, B42 1DT
Phone: 0800 183 7171

Latest Reviews

* Jonathan

This company often comes up near the top of search results on comparison websites. Do not believe it. You might get a low premium, but that\'s to suck you in. The first problem you will encounter is that they constantly try to finance you premium, signing you up for loans and credit you neither need nor requested. This will hit you credit rating as they do this no matter what you say, do or sign up for to begin with. Eventually you might get them to correct this, and maybe even refund some of the extortionate fees they impose for the \"service.\" But to get there, you\'re going to have to speak to them. Not that easy. Their phone lines are always down. No matter when you call them, the automated service will direct you to call them back during their business hours and hang up. Again, it doesn\'t matter when you call. The next step for you is to start sending legal threats using the Financial Ombudsman and Financial Services Authority. This will get their attention. You may manage to cancel the policy and possibly undo some of the damage they will do, but this will be a lot of time and energy spent on your part. All in all, just avoid these people. Or person. I\'m not sure if there is even a company there or just a guy with a laptop running the scam. This company used to have a good reputation, but that company no longer exists. This is what it is now. If you see any premium for a little bit more money than these guys, please go for it. You\'ll be glad....

Sep 13, 2012

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